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OSRR Display

During normal operation Primary Display Elements are visible at all times. Switching between View 1 and 2 with a single press of the User Button. If the ESC reports a Fault code an Alert Dialog will be displayed until dismissed with the User Button.

NOTE: The OSRR Beta is currently in progress. Changes in software may not yet be reflected here.

Primary Display Elements

  • OSRR Battery Level
  • OSRR Charging Indicator
  • Radio Signal Quality
  • Vehicle Battery Level

View 1

  • Vehicle Speed
  • Trip Odometer
  • Vehicle Battery Voltage
  • Throttle Input Percentage

View 2

  • Consumption
  • ESC Temperature
  • Motor Temperature
  • Estimated Range

Alert Dialogs

  • Throttle Locked
  • ESC Faults
    • ESC ID
    • Fault Code
    • Telemetry (at time of fault):
      • Vehicle Voltage
      • ESC Current
      • Motor Current
      • ESC Temperature
      • Motor Temperature