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FreeSK8 Mobile App

The FreeSK8 Mobile application is a cross platform solution to monitor and configure VESC based ESCs via Bluetooth. Firmware version 5+ is required.

The app also provides a ride log sync interface & viewer for the Robogotchi & Xenigotchi integrated dataloggers. Logging over BLE tether is not supported at this time.

Available for Android & iOS:
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Supported Devices

  • Robogotchi
  • Xenigotchi
  • DieBieMS
  • FlexiBMS
  • Stormcore 60/100D ESCs
  • Trampa VESC w/ NRF/BLE
  • Metr Pro
  • Xenith & Unity ESC
  • Spintend Ubox

Quick Start

Scan for BLE Devices

Scan for BLE Devices

Select & Connect to Supported Device

Select & Connect to Supported Device

Enter PIN Code (optional, device-dependent)

Enter PIN Code Enter PIN Code

Create new Board Profile

Board Profile

Additional Features found in Side Menu

Side Menu

That’s it! You’re ready to roll.

Check out the links in the Table of Contents below to see the rest of the features & configuration options available.

Table of contents