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  • NRF52840 NRF BLE Module
  • 256mbit QSPI Integrated Flash Storage
  • 0.91” White OLED Display
  • 90dB Alarm Buzzer
  • Status LED & Input Buttons
  • Real-time Clock w/ SuperCap backup
  • GPS Module upgrade port
  • LDO voltage regulator
  • Dimensions: 26 x 46 x 10 mm

Hardware Layout

Robogotchi Hardware Layout

Dimensional Drawing

Robogotchi Dimensional Drawing


3D Models

PCB Layout X-Ray

Robogotchi PCB X-Ray GPS Module PCB X-Ray

Source Repositories & Technical Reference

Deep dive into the Robogotchi firmware.

Deep dive into the Robogotchi hardware.

Next Steps: Robogotchi Operation & Status