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FreeSK8 Codex

A technical documentation resource for the FreeSK8 Project & supported hardware components.

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FreeSK8 Mobile

The FreeSK8 Mobile application is a cross platform solution to monitor and configure VESC based ESCs via Bluetooth. Learn all about it here.

FreeSK8 Robogotchi

The FreeSK8 Robogotchi is an advanced BLE Receiver, Datalogger, and core component of the FreeSK8 System.

The Robogotchi brings Always-On Logging as a core feature with an asynchronous logging integration with our FreeSK8 Mobile App. Think of it like a blackbox flight recorder for your esk8 or LEV.

Learn all about it here

FreeSK8 Remote (OSRR 1.0)

The OSRR (Open Source Reconfigurable Remote) is an open spec reference design for a robust remote control device for use with VESC based PEVs.

Learn all about it here

FreeSK8 netBMS

A connected, intelligent battery charge monitor system. More info coming soon.


sk8net with a lowercase 8 is a collection of online tools and connected services built to provide a useful data platform for personal electric vehicles.

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