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Connected Vehicle Status Screen

With the real time data tab visible FreeSK8 requests telemetry from the primary ESC at a high rate. Information currently displayed:

  • Duty Cycle
  • Speed
  • Power Remaining Estimate
  • Battery Voltage
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Motor Current
  • Battery Current
  • Mosfet Temperature
  • Motor Temperature
  • Distance Traveled
  • Watt Hours Consumed
  • Watt Hours Regerated
  • Amp Hours Consumed
  • Amp Hours Regerated
  • ID of the connected ESC
  • Fault Code
  • Current location of mobile device

Realtime Status Screen

Additional real time telemetry can be streamed if a compatible smart BMS device is connected to the CAN bus. Select the “Show Flexi/DieBieMS” option in the hamburger menu to request battery telemetry. See the Smart BMS section for more information.

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