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OSRR - Open Source Reconfigurable Remote

OSRR is an open source remote control project intended to establish a safe & open technology platform for wireless control of Light Electric Vehicles.

OSRR Features

  • Open Source

    The Hardware is distributed by a CERN-OHL-S License

  • Multiple Shells Albert Shell Bruce Shell
  • Real Time Telemetry

    View battery levels, energy consumption, estimated range, temperatures and more on the 1.3” TFT LCD

  • XBee Radio Technology

    Highly reliable radio link so you stay in control.

  • User Configurable

    Built in setup menu. No computer required.

  • Quick Pairing

    Setup a secure link in seconds allowing you to use one OSRR on many vehicles.

  • Intelligent Power Savings

    Dims the display when in a non-visible orientation or when motionless. Idle detection system monitors throttle input and IMU.

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